Teen Talks


RER Consulting Enterprise, LLC (RER) developed a novel approach to address the relational concerns between Law Enforcement Officers, representatives of the Juvenile Justice Department, and minority youths whom reside in high risk communities. RER has facilitated Teen Talk sessions for over 13 years. However, the wake of the calls for social justice reform after a number of high-profile, police-involved shootings in 2020 has placed a stronger urgency around police and youth relationships and RER is responding. This program is based on the years of outreach RER conducted within under-served communities with the intention to develop meaningful dialogue to establish trust-based relationships with the Police officers and local youth in highrisk communities. RER, using its keen ability to collaborate, has partnered with local law enforcement departments and select Community Based Organizations to ensure the successful delivery of this program. This program was developed using culturally, socially, and linguistically competent processes to ensure that participants of the program are heard, respected, and equipped with the knowledge and confidence to co-exist and partner with their community’s law enforcement officer to make their their community safe for all.

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Teen Talks Website